There is a vast collection of poetry about trees. Posted below is a small, suggestive sampling. Either the poems are in public domain or contributors have given permission for posting here.

Visit this page for more links to tree poems available on the web.

Please consult the curricular resources section for websites offering original poetry by children.


A Blessing for the Woods by Michael S. Glaser

Advice From a Tree by Ilan Shamir

An October Astonishment by Garth Gilchrist

Breath by J. Daniel Beaudry

Can You Hear by Garth Gilchrist

Cocoon by Moyra Caldecott

Controlling Memories by Rochelle Mass

Fern-Leafed Beech by Moyra Caldecott

For The Future by Wendell Berry

Lord, the air smells good… by Rumi

Pruning by Johanna Herrick

The Presence of Trees  by Michael S. Glaser

The Tree  by Tom Splitt

The Weeping Tree by Kathleen Lohr

Think Like a Tree by Karen I. Shragg

Two by Jean Linville

Very Tall Trees by Laura J. Bobrow

Waiting for a Message by Rochelle Mass

Woods by Wendell Berry