Online essays about the symbolic and cultural dimension of trees as well as some tree-related personal essays. Posted alphabetically by author or sponsoring organization. See, too, the commentaries accompanying the selection of Featured Folktales at this website.

“Tree Spirits are Fairies: Trees, Forests, Glens and Plants”
A thoughtful essay about ancient beliefs and superstitions surrounding trees in spiritual traditions worldwide.

“Ecological Traditions of Tamil Nadu”
“Sacred Groves of Tamil Nadu”
“Sacred Trees Of Tamil Nadu”
Essays from C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre

“Homage to Trees”
by Wendy Fern
Description and some photos of an artist’s book created by Wendy Fernstrum. Includes short essays on “Trees that Heal,” “Trees for Wisdom,” “Trees for Transformation,” “Trees for Fertility.”

“Under the Greenwood Tree”
by Jeremy Harte

International Community of Ecopsychology (I.C.E)
Several essays by Glennie Kindred
“The Oak Tree: King of the Greenwood”
“Wisdom of the Apple Tree”
“The Power of the Willow Tree”
“The Yew: Sacred Tree of Transformation and Rebirth”
There are similar essays on other tree varieties at this site.

“To A Lover of Trees, Winter Is A Reward”
by Robert Klose.
(Especially wonderful on the subject of apple trees!)

“Spirit of Trees”
by Lisa Mahon

“World Tree”
by Hazel Minot

“The Mystic Geography of the Woods”
by Boria Sax

“The Peg at the Heart of Play”
by Kim Stafford

“One Tree”
by Terry Tempest Williams

“Sacred Place: Trees and the Sacred”
by Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe