While many of the resources listed here are geared to the elementary classroom, there are also links relevant for college level students. A separate section of links to online essays provides additional materials of interest for the older student. For more ideas, see also the commentaries accompanying the Featured Folktales at this website.

Animal Inn
“Animal Inn is an environmental education program designed to inform children and adults about the importance of dead and dying trees located in the forests, parks, and even in their own yards! Dead and dying trees support a wide variety of animals and plants.”

Forests Where We Live
Geared toward building skills in urban forestry. Excellent curriculum materials for all grades, K-12. Includes an accompanying hour long documentary and and a six part series for use in grades 6-12 classrooms.

National Arbor Day Foundation
Educational activites are one aspect of this national organization. Includes an annual poster contest around the theme of “Trees are Terrific, Inside and Out.”

Science of Dencrochronology Website

Comprehensive collection of materials related to tree rings and their study. Links to other tree ring sites, too. High school/college.

Shelburne Farms/EPA

In connection with the Environmental Protection Agency, Shelburne Farms has developed some tree-related activities, including winter identification of twigs.

World Community of Old Trees

June Julian’s remarkable “Eco-art Project in Progress” focuses on tree-related art, with selections ranging from art history to contemporary selections. Includes a section for submissions from school children.