Featured Folktales

The Featured Folktales collection of stories have been generously contributed by contemporary storytellers. Their accompanying essays offer insight into the deeper meaning of the stories and also suggest ways of putting the tales to use in particular settings. You may download this material for personal and educational purposes —and please keep the copyright information intact with your download. In accordance with copyright protections, you must contact the contributor for permission to record or to reprint the tales or the accompanying essays.

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The Blossom Tree
From Odds Bodkin

The Woman Who Was Turned Into a Tree
The Young Man, The Lion, and the Yellow-Flowered Zwart-Storm Tree
From Moyra Caldecott

The Old Man Who Made The Trees Blossom
From Alton Chung

The Punahou Spring
From Woody Fern

The Woodcutter and Death
The Magic Pear Tree
From Alida Gersie

Maon and the Willow
From Fred Hageneder

Tree of Creation
From Reneé Díaz de León Harvey

Nasrudin and the Trees: Seven Tales
From Priscilla Howe

The Singing Fir Tree
Silver Fir Cones
From Sheryl Ann Karas

Demon Girls of Ujae
From Daniel A. Kelin

The Gift of Kü
From Caren Loebel-Fried

Mikku and the Trees
From Margaret Read MacDonald

Fearing the Wind
From Jack Maguire

Green Willow
From Rafe Martin

The Strange Creature
From Michael McCarty

Why Death is Like the Banana Tree
The Sesame Seed and the Date Palm Tree
From Erica Helm Meade

The Green Huntsmen
From Cathy S. Mosley

The Dreaming Tree
From Elizabeth Murray

The Mari and the Lime Tree
As retold by Nikiuk

Of Greed and Measure
From Mary Oak O’Kane

Why Trees Whisper
Why Plants Have Human Characteristics
From Anne Pellowski

When the Bemböle People Went to Get Logs
From Neppe Pettersson

Honi and the Carob Tree
From Peninnah Schram

The Golden Tree
From Laura Simms

From Fran Stallings

The Harper in Fairyland
From Beth Vaughan

The Woodcarver’s Gift
The Lady in White
From Cristy West

The Magic Orange Tree
From Diane Wolkstein

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